L Series – The changeover duration of 1963 to 1965.Here the range of the L-series serial made use of yearly.

L Series – The changeover duration of 1963 to 1965.Here the range of the L-series serial made use of yearly.

In the extremely terminate of 1962 and into 1963, Fender changed to something just where serial numbers set out with an “L.” As stated in some accounts, the fifty got expected to you should be a 1 to mark the cross-over inside 100,000 range from the earlier strategy, but an L had been by mistake.

In this article all the different the L-series serial made use of every year. Many of the oldest type actually jumped upward at the end of 1962 also:

F Program – CBS Days 1965 – 1976.

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Bash CBS acquisition of Fender in 1965, the factory turned to another serial series with numbers that carried on the equivalent basic formatting made use of before the takeover. These are generally referred to as F program due the larger Fender branded F from the neckplates regarding the time. This period also watched a switch through the orginal four-bolt neckplate associated with the ’60s to a three-bolt neckplate within a good example of cost-saving expense presented under CBS.

Article 1976

Creating in 1976, Fender transitioned to another serial wide variety design and relocated the placement of the serial numbers into the headstock associated with the tool. According to the years and type, the quantity can be purchased on either the leading or again with the headstock.

After a brief period of convergence employing the outdated process, the post-76 number begins with a letter that show the decade, followed by many that implies the season of this years. The times letter codes digest similar to this: S = 1970s, age = 1980s, letter = 1990s, Z = 2000s. In the 2000s, you will determine serials you start with a DZ which implies the luxurious collection, nonetheless structure was if not the same.

As an example, a serial amounts with N4 might be from 1994. One starting with Z5 is from 2005.

This system is not at all 100per cent regular with various manufacturing things, instance Fender generating more serialized graphics than needed in a given 12 months. This is often specifically verbalized in transitional duration of the mid-’80s, although the method is almost on level since about 1990.

After 2009, the letter changed to a format starting with US then two digits that tell the year of the current decade.

Listed here is the break down of Post-1976 American-made Fender serials:

American-made signature line tools accompany a very equivalent design into the above, but use a prefix S before the decade page. One example is, a Signature television series keyboards from 1998 possess a serial starting with SN8 followed by five numbers.

American Timeless Reissue versions

The major exception to all of this is the American Vintage Reissue (AVRI) series. These posses series number starting with V nor totally correlate to a very long time. The neck dates on these instruments, but are often dependable.

Constructed in Japan Fender Serials

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Fender Japan serial quantities can usually be located of the straight back associated with the neck close throat joint. Though good examples in addition exist because of the amount of the headstock your neck-plate in the example of some first reissue framework. Until 1997, the series am combined with the lyrics “manufactured in Japan.”

In 1982, Fender broadened procedure with a few instruments created in Japan by your Fuji Gen Gakki vendor. Similar to the people series data, MIJ (created in Japan) serials start out with correspondence or pair of letters that suggest the crude spring of generation. This system, however, is definitely infamously inconsistent and incomplete, making internet dating by serial number less dependable for MIJ Fenders.

This is a breakdown of serials the “manufactured in Japan” era:

Made in Japan Series Quantities

In 1997, Fender changed the “produced in Japan” decal to state “constructed in Japan.” There exists some convergence employing the prior “MIJ” serials, so it will be necessary to keep in mind in the event the tool carries the “Made in Japan” or “made in Japan” decal.

Here are the serial data for all the “made in Japan” or “CIJ” times:

After 2007, Fender Japan switched back into marking Fenders as “built in Japan” though for a few decades instruments with both stickers were created. Serial rates as this move bring proceeded equal sequence since the “CIJ” age.

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Manufactured in Mexico Fender Serials

Fender popped a manufacturing plant in Ensenada, Mexico for the later datingmentor.org/blackchristianpeoplemeet-review part of the ’80s and products moving coming off the line in 1990. Mexican-made (MIM) Fenders have a serial numbers throughout the headstock beginning with an M. Some exclusions contain a number of specialized versions and unique models along with the separate US/Mexican-made California series which just about all bring a “AMXN” at the outset of their particular serials.

The MIM serial amounts scheme is most straight-forward. For North american country Fenders built in the 1990s, the serial begins with an MN accompanied by a variety that show the entire year of many years. Instruments built in the 2000s stick to the the exact same form but start off with MZ. For its 2010s, the prefix is MX1. Like, a serial quantity starting with MN2 could be 1992.

Here’s the serial multitude description for a majority of MIM Fenders:


There are some conditions to any or all these serial quantity techniques. As previously mentioned above, many reissue framework incorporate serial numbers that don’t really associate on their age. Further, there was clearly many specialist types, minimal versions and various other uncommon styles which use an exclusive serial numbers. Examples include the 35th wedding line, a number of the exclusively finished Strats from your earlier ’80s, plus different export-specific sizes which carry a serial wide variety starting with FN.

Once again, the serial amounts by itself in every of those matters will never be conclusive as well best means is always to incorporate that with other strategies similar to the neck and body periods, together with about the popular features of the exact device. Assuming you have questions in regards to what Fender your managing, I promote you to definitely seek a neighborhood guitar specialist or luthier to help think it.

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